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A problem remain from the last version 2015, posted in this topic: /index.php?showtopic=55537#entry231063" rel="">

When will be finnaly resolved this problem? STILL cannot be accesed in the 2016 version after activate Parental Control. I don't understand why this problem not resolved until today. I am very dissapointed... <_<

PS: Problem reported in 2014!!!....


  • mitza97
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    7 days after posted no view of the topic. Nice support. STILL not function in this latest version with Parental Control activated. If a make a search, look what happen.

    This Parental Control function is totally useless IN THIS CASE. Added to whitelist not resolve the problem.


  • mitza97
    edited March 2016 cannot be accesed with Parental Control activated. <img class=" />

  • Exact opposite issue here! Nothing is blocked! A computer set up for a 10 year old and I can access any pr0n site I want.

  • mitza97
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    No response on this topic?

    Until today, problem not resolved...i cannot log-in to with Parental Control activated. <img class=" />

    This problem can have a resolution or not ???

  • Sorin G.
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    @mitza97 please note that this is a forum not our support platform. Please read the forum rules.

    To further investigate this type of situation we need more details not just a screenshot. Please open a ticket under [email protected] with all the details of the encountered situation along side the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool that can be located in the main Bitdefender folder under the name supporttool.exe (C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2016)

    Please also include a screenshot of the Parental Control's current settings and blocked websites.

  • I am tired of Bitdefender problems. I don't want to be guinea pig. Same response every time, "support tool log".

    Why not test what i said before? <img class=" />

  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear that you feel that way, however not all machines are the same and you will find that not all issues replicate on all test beds.

    By finding out what happened on the original machine we can assist in resolving the issue, most of the times there are applications interfering with the product or the system is damaged.

  • Sorry to say, but i uninstall Parental COntrol and now use OpenDNS and ALL problems gone.

    Parental Control on Bitdefender must be polished, can be considered in beta stage, too much problems causing.

    Blocked Ammy remote software and even log-in to this forum. <_<

    Now i using OpenDNS and no problems.

    Have a nice day!

    PS: Excuse me if I somehow used offensive language.

  • Issues resolved in the last version Bitdefender 2017. 

    Topic can be closed. :rolleyes:

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