Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Shut Down All Connectivity

I've been a very big Bitdefender's fan for MANY YEARS. I've had some "easy" issues in the past but they were NOTHING in comparison what happened to me two days ago.

In short.

Two days ago before I left for work, I was having NO issues with the Internet at home. I shut down my computer and left for work. The same day after work, I turned my computer on and all my NETWORK connectivity - to my printer, to other laptop wireless computer - were gone, and I could not get my Internet working. My other laptop wireless computer had the Internet, my TV was perfectly streaming Netflix but my WIRED Windows 10 computer had NO Network and Internet connectivity.

Next morning I tried to fix my Internet/Network issue by googling my problem but I failed. I was upset about my HOME computer until that morning, I turned my Windows 10 computer at WORK, and discovered the SAME PROBLEM - No Network, No Internet.

All other computers at work HAD NO ISSUES with the Internet! <img class=" /><img class=" />


Two different Windows 10 - wired - computers, at two completely different locations, connected to two completely different ISP's had the SAME PROBLEM - No Network, No Internet.

I could survive without Network at home but No Network at WORK!!! - it became a HUGE PROBLEM to me.

Now, in addition to my direct job duties (that have NOTHING to do with ANY IT work), I needed to try to TROUBLESHOOT my very BIG connectivity PROBLEM.

I went through various LONG procedures (and BIG headaches) in order to FIX as soon as possible my NETWORK and INTERNET connectivity at work that I HEAVILY DEPEND ON.

Nothing worked UNTIL I restarted my Windows 10 computer with Bitdefender Total Security 2016 in Safe Mode with Networking,


my Windows 10 wired computer with TURNED OFF in Safe Mode Bitdefender Total Security 2016

Suddenly was able to SEE other computers on my Network and, also, to connect to the Internet.

What to do??? :unsure::unsure::huh:

Here is what I did.

I DISABLED/turned off Bitdefender Total Security 2016 from starting at "System Configuration" (msconfig...), and restarted my computer WITHOUT functioning Bitdefender Total Security 2016,


My BIG CONNECTIVITY PROBLEM was gone. I had my NETWORK and my Internet.


After work at HOME, I DISABLED/turned off Bitdefender Total Security 2016 from starting at "System Configuration" (msconfig...) on my HOME computer, and!!!

My connectivity problem was GONE.


The same BIG PROBLEM that affected two different computers, located at two different locations, and connected to two different ISP's was resolved by DISABLING Bitdefender Total Security 2016!!!

I don't want to BLAME anybody - I'm happy because I have my Network and my Internet.


Here is my question.


P.S. I'm going to miss "Safepay" and "Vulnerability Scan".