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Update "reboot now" button automatically triggered by typing in another window - HORRIBLE USABILITY


In the current version of the product, a notification window pops asking if you'd like to reboot now or postpone a reboot. This window automatically becomes active regardless of what other program is being used at the time. The "reboot now" button is also set to active. Because of this, if you are using ANY other program while this window pops up and are typing, the "reboot now" button is triggered and your computer reboots (Windows). 

Absolutely horrible usability. The reboot has now been triggered on the last three updates due to my typing in another window when the notification popped up. The result is that all of the work the user is currently working on is lost, all programs are closed. 

The notification button needs to be defaulted to "postpone" immediately. This is likely affecting every user with unintentional reboots at times when users absolutely do not want to reboot. The usability testing for this product is woefully inadequate and causes serious problems for every customer, really reducing the value of the product entirely. 



    I went through all the hassle to search forums, locate this post and register a user, just so I can tell you to change this fricking behavior.

    What junior, low-income, likely off-shore developer codes the DEFAULT to reboot a machine, especially if that window takes focus from whatever you are working on?

    This happened to me in the middle of working on several documents, VPN connections, emails, etc. and I lost it all.  I am so hot right now, and I don't care if I violate any of your terms of use.  Your update logic is garbage.

    Thanks much, guys.  Fix your janky code, pronto.


  • This has happened to me as well. I have never seen such a misuse of restarting in a professional application before as it even bypasses the usual Windows procedure of asking if you wish to force close running applications. 

    What makes this worse is that "postpone" does absolutely nothing to disable this behavior in any way. They might as well gray out the option because the way Bitdefender operates renders it practically useless if you hit enter when a rogue "restart" prompt steals focus.