Your device is at risk - Update now

In the main screen of BD 2017 it says : your devices is AT RISK

Then it says; Up to date - Update now


That's all confusing and non-detailed, but when you then do update, you end up with the exact same screen.

Any idea what is going on ?


  • Just the way it is worded,  and yeah a little confusing.

    I assume that it is there so you can run a manual update whenever you want but you can of course check on when the last successful update was by clicking on the  bell icon in the left hand column,  any problems that need attention will be listed in the "Critical" tab.

  • Yeah, so I get there is a link between the "your device is protected" and the Autopilot function

    He has disabled auto-pilot again, by the way.


    But, there's no link between the "your device is protected" and the up to date/update now-function, although written very closely to each other.



  • All very confusing still - Autopilot still turns itself off without any clue


    I guess nobody is reading here, so a slight message : the blue monkey bites the red annotation