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Firewall Options


Need more options in managing & configuring the firewall. I am unable to find the options to switch for better firewall handling.

If any application is blocked due to firewall rules it si not notified with any popup in-spite of enabling the paranoid mode & disabling auto-pilot mode.


  • mitkos

    I have the same request. More options in firewall.

  • predatorz
    edited March 2017

    Agreed. More options in firewall.

  • Mahdi

    agree ... really need more option

  • pillsy

    running windows 7 with latest BD/ total security. Have noticed a windows 7 alert for firewall not active, when in action centre of windows I have an option to enable windows firewall or bitdefender firewall. neither will turn on when click on one or the other. My concern is do I have a firewall running?? Bitdefender menu says i'm all ok but this notification from windows saying I have no firewall working, I'm confused at whats going on.?