VSServ Crashing - Plex related?

I appear to have the same issue as we had with 2017. I just noticed that VSServ had stopped. As a result I had no protection running.

In 2017 this was caused by an incompatibility with Plex, crashing when Plex would reencode a video stream. Is this issue still present? We really need to have software that doesn't crash so easily, leaving us unprotected.




  • Math_Matei
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    same issue  for me

    Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF @3,50 GHz, 128.0 GB RAM

  • SebastianDI
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    26 minutes ago, Matei M. said:

    same issue  for me

    guess what. for me, too. it is NOT hardware related, so calm down all here.

    VSS server didnt drop down in time or sumthing. Its on Win 10 Creators Update. Yo Jo-Anna (gimme dope JO-Anna) LOL i guess u use Creators Update Win 10 Version. ;=)

    Anyways, keep calm and drink. Its normal on Creators Update.


    Yo Rahman or whats your name how can we relate it? Are we the programmers of this Software? Is it god, or bread, or butter? We simply do not know it. We should watch the Monty Pythons "The Life of Brian", Dude.


  • SebastianDI
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    I feel in understanding for the programmers of Bitdefender, really. Every - well almost every new month, a new windows version. This means new DirectX stuff and different files. I really understand, why antivirus companies feel butthurted by M$. Coz M$ wants their WINDOWS DEFENDER on TOP. They are MONOPOLIST and totally money fixated, even firing good programmers out off their company. They want the total Monopol, even in Antivir products now.....thats why they always bring out new "Creators Update" "Fall Update" and BLAH. All is about the money, see Neymar - 220 mio. Euros to Paris Saint Germain. The money will soon eat itself.....Antivirus companies could give contra by 1 year free license to the companies and customers, to show how better their product is...or at least, as BD does, 90 days free trial! (especially me as an unemployed right now profits from it, of course).....

  • It may have been a one off as its been running fine since my restart on Saturday.


    Fingers crossed.

  • I was advised to upgrade from Bitdefender 2017 to 2018 on July 22nd to resolve an issue with Wi-Fi security.   The issue wasn't resolved and now I'm having to restart my (Windows 7) PC 2 or 3 times a day because vsserv.exe is unavailable/not responding.   The latest email, sent this morning, said I needed to install service pack 1 to resolve the problem.  I replied with a screen shot that clearly showed that SP1 is already installed.  Adding insult to injury, the only way I know Bitdefender is no longer functioning is to look at the widget on my desktop.  Kinda hard to do that if I'm doing anything in full-screen mode (e.g., browsing, game playing, etc.) since the desktop isn't visible!!   If Bitdefender has stopped running there should at least be some kind of alert that interrupts whatever I'm doing!