Remote Desktop Blocked In Windows 10

BitDefender Total Security 2015 seems to cause a problem when trying to remote desktop to my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit computer. Remote Desktop will not connect.

I can fix this problem by doing a repair of BitDefender using the Repair/Uninstall Tool but after a while it fails again, which I can fix by repeating the repair.

I am suspicious that this failure might be caused by Windows Update.

As we know Windows Update on Windows 10 is cumulative so if there is an update causing this problem then it will reappear any time Windows Update runs.

I have no problem with Remote Desktop to another systems using BitDefender on Windows 8.1 or Remote Desktop to Windows 10 without Bit Defender.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has this problem.



  • Hi,

    Since you are posting in the Firewall section of the Bitdefender forums I understand that RDP works perfectly when you turn off Bitdefender firewall. Can you confirm this please?

  • I will test that as soon as BitDefender breaks again. If I am right that will be after the next Windows Update, which maybe three weeks away.

  • Just installed the Cumulative Update KB3081444 and it did not break Remote Desktop so for now I cannot reproduce this problem but I will continue to monitor.

  • I can surely confirm that your new bitdefender free product blocks windows remote desktop in my home network. When I manually disable protection I can connect but when its turned on its impossible.

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