Question about Meltdown and Spectre 'bugs'

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I know this question is more for the processor manufacturers but I'll put it out here because I know there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum. Now that Microsoft has released their patch to deal with these 'bugs', I'm wondering if we are now truly protected. Although the software patch seems to address the Meltdown issue, does it do the same for Spectre? Are we truly protected or will it require a hardware fix from the manufacturers? Do we have a false sense of security here? Any input (Sorin) would be appreciated. I am running an AMD processor.


  • A manufacturer BIOS update will be required for the patches to work. Without that, the patches are not entierly protective.

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    For the first variant Bitdefender and Microsoft released patches to plug this hole.

    For the 2nd and 3rd variant, these are tied to the processor architecture. A BIOS update caring a new AGESA code (AMD) could just do the trick.

    Should a payload be delivered using the 2nd and 3rd variant I am confident it will trigger a response from the ATD.

  • Hi..... gerald_krutsch, thank you for your reply. Sorin G., thank you for your prompt response. I have an HP desktop, about 5 years old now. I have been monitoring the HP support site but so far I see nothing listed for my particular machine. I'm hoping they will release an update for some of the older machines. I would imagine that there are lots of people in the same situation as me, so I guess  safe computing practices are now more important than ever, til this whole mess gets sorted out.

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    Hi...This is the latest release from the AMD website for anyone with an AMD processor.