BitDefender Threat Scanner error

I've uninstalled BitDefender due to MitM root cert BitDefender uses. After uninstall, I've got a pop-up on shutdown/reboot with BitDefender Threat Scanner error. I've researched and indications point at SpyBot creating an issue with BitDefender but the root issue here is that this indicates BitDefender is still on my system and I would like it gone.

There is no BitDefender listed in c:\program files\ nor is it in start menu or add/remove programs list. I do see quite a few entries in the registry however. 

Now if memory servs me right, the last update for BitDefender had me remove SpyBot. After deciding to remove BitDefender, I reinstalled SpyBot. I was looking through reliability monitor to confirm however for what ever reason, BitDefender and SpyBot installations are not logged there.

In any case, is there a removal tool for the free edition of BitDefender? I've ran the trial/paid removal tools for 2018/2017 with no success.




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    Spybot uses Bitdefender technology, it has nothing to do with any leftover files or Bitdefender being present on the system.

    I would advise contacting Spybot directly for a resolution.

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    Spybot uses Bitdefender technology

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