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Two Factor Authentication For Bitdefender Central.

edited June 2016 in Feature request

I would like to see two factor authentication implemented for Bitdefender Central accounts.

My reason behind this request is the critical nature of how compromised account information could potentially lead to the loss of all data on every machine associated with the account via malicious use of the anti-theft feature at BDCentral.

I certainly understand the intended value of this function but its just been nagging me lately how much of a ticking tomb bomb it could be given the fact that data breaches are a constant threat.

Maybe Bitdefender could partner with Google's widely used authentication network, develop a way to protect the data wipe function behind another type of elevated permission, or even offer a way to disable the feature altogether.

Given the fact that BDCentral usage is now mandatory with 2016 products I'd really appreciate the consideration.



  • I would totally agree! This IS a huge security issue which should be rectified as a matter of urgency.

    This was also asked on Twitter on 28 Dec 2015 and Bitdefender's answer "...might prove to slow down the users' experience with Central. We'll though review the suggestion internally." isn't something you would expect from otherwise reputable security company.

    I just recently upgraded from Internet Security to Total Security and was horrified to realise that there isn't even option to switch off anti-theft features on Windows machines! For some bizarre reason, disabling of anti-theft has been made possible on mobile devices (found in anti-theft settings). Why this is not possible on desktop machine is totally beyond my comprehension.

    When you give a service such as BDCentral full control of your machines, the least you would expect is more than Mickey Mouse security. Convenience and ease-of-use are naturally important but it shouldn't undermine security and leave machines vulnerable. I apologise my strong language but this is a big fail on otherwise great Bitdefender security products I have been using happily for years.

    Hope to get this rectified asap. Meanwhile, we Bitdefender Total Security users have to keep fingers crossed...

  • Can I also ask that this feature be raised in priority... The security of Bitdefender Central is of great concern to me.

    As a long standing user of Bitdefender, I recently had a Windows Tablet stolen that was running BD2016, I managed to issue a remote wipe which DB Central shows as being successful, however that's when I realised that the BD Central session cookie appears to be set to never expire!?

    When I logged in to BD Central I closed the browser when I had finished. A couple of days later I went back to the BD Central site and was a little surprised when I was logged straight in! ... Now I know it's my fault for not logging out when I was done but surely even if the session is still active when the browser is closed it should not survive over days !? an hour or so I can accept but not days. If the user of the machine had realised this and I'd been stupid enough to leave DB Central logged in, they could have wiped all of my machines!

    Just as an aside, the session also appears to have survived a password reset :-o

    With this in mind, please up the security with two factor - Even if it is something that is optional (as most are)... and please, set the session to expire, I'd rather have to log back in after a period of inactivity than have all of my machines wiped clear.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I support this request. I bought the software yesterday and this option missing makes me really uneasy

  • I too support the request that BD support 2FA. Our company uses Gravityzone BD but it has been raised that we should consider alternative providers given that we cannot activate 2FA to protect our BD Account. If an admin account password on BD was compromised it would give full access to remotely disable or override the BD settings on any of our PC's which use BD with the obvious serious consequences. 2FA would greatly reduce that risk.

    Can someone from BD provide an incite as to why 2FA is not yet provided and give an indication as to when it will be implemented.

  • SecSig

    I would really love to see this feature implemented.

  • OH1

    So, this forum has 2FA authentication, but the Bitdefender central where I can wipe all my deveices does not. That is ridiculous.


  • brylok1981

    add all authenticator app support in Bitdefender central google ios and microsoft in Bitdefender central

  • desk77

    I completely agree with you. 2FA would improve Bitdefener Central security.

  • moner

    Hi BD team,

    I think so too. 2FA is very important for me as I will have 10 devices under one account. That is pretty scary if someone gets there!