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How do I remove "Next Recommendation"


Why is there no possible way to remove the only 2 recommendations on the Dashboard?(Oneclick Optimizer and Disk Cleanup)  I know they exist, I even use them to see if they go away, but nope, they keep coming back. Seriously Bitdefender? Make it possible to dismiss these Recommendations or I will not be using your product anymore.

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  • TrentRowe

    Yes, I've emailed them about this as well. Not crazy they went with a design that looks like every AV program now, but that's not a big deal. Adding a HUGE section that spams you with the same information all the time is such a bad design option. It always telling me to reactivate part of the program I've deactivated on purpose. It's NEVER info I really need, so I(and I think most) just ignore it. So they have this huge section of the app now dedicated to spam that nobody wants to see after they've seen it once. If they  added in actual information, like the global security threat level or something. Some MEANINGFUL info, then maybe it's worth looking at the information.

    They have also removed the ability to manual check for updates from within the program, apparently because metered users got confused and thought because it was there they were somehow going to go over there limits. What? So based on what what minority have complained about, they removed a feature?

    I get wanting to refresh a design. I don't get going with a design that is like so many other programs(unless that the trend ALL AV companies are going with), adding a huge a section for recommendations that is generally the same information you don't need once you seen it and leaving it there like spam and utilizing a large part program space for this purpose, and removing features because a minority don't understand what it is or how to us it. Add to this that they WILL NOT provide a link to go back to the 2018 version if that is your preference, it's just frustrating.

    I'm not going to say I won't use their products anymore. Unfortunately I have a fair amount of subscription time left they refuse to look at refunding, but the odd decisions used for this version will make shop around and perhaps chose another product where before I would have just paid to extent my time without even thinking of looking elsewhere. I love the big YOU ARE SAFE message, but I just can't my head around how this autopilot large spam messaging got passed decision making meetings. That's not even how Autopilot works at all. All it does is automatically annoy me.


    Definition of autopilot

    1 : a device for automatically steering ships, aircraft, and spacecraft; also : the automatic control provided by such a device

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