Add whitelist for "hosts" file

I just had to disable the hosts file scanning feature as it was commenting out some entries I had to add there.

However, I like the idea of letting Bitdefender scan that file for malicious changes.

It would be nice if we could whitelist entries that Bitdefender would then not comment out when it scans this file.


  • I agree, either a whitelist or a shadow hosts file that replaces the hosts file when it gets changed. In fact, it would be good if you could somehow protect the hosts file from even being edited directly. Scanning once an hour still gives the opportunity for the bad guys to make changes and if they are persistent, they can just monitor for your change and then put back the bad version. Another option would be for you to make a tool to edit the hosts file while locking it down.

  • I agree too.  I had to disable this feature to stop it from commenting out things I added there.

  • 3 Years not and no update from BitDefender Support about this! 

    I called them and Level 1 was completely oblivious about this, they had to submit a ticket to Level 2. Why cannot this be fixed by now?