OK Got It!

OK so apart from all the other issues with 2019, I keep getting the popup when windows starts showing me all the goodness in the new version. Seems like clicking "OK Got it" doesn't really help coz next time windows starts there it is. Anyone else come across the same issue.



  • Popups and recommendations can be disabled in the "Settings" area. 

  • Thanks cee-naa. Yes have been there. I would expect a button labelled "OK Got it" would mean you didn't get it anymore :-)

    It looks like there is a bigger issue as setting changes I make are not being saved between reboots. I may look at doing a complete reinstall but at the moment I'm trialing Kaspersky to see how that performs as a possible replacement.


  • Whenever there's a major update (2018 to 2019) it is always recommended to do a clean install. This way the old files get removed thus preventing problems from occurring. 

    I assume you upgraded from 2018 to 2019, but if that is not the case, I would still recommend you to do a clean install. 

    No software is perfect and Bitdedender is no exception. Bugs are bound to happen from time to time. Kaspersky too, just look at their forum. I can also speak from experience about Kaspersky, as I had moved away frome it recently due to a huge slowdown in page loading and a few other technical reasons. 

  • Yes I hear what you are saying. Yes BD updated itself automatically to 2019. I haven't yet abandoned BD as I still have a subscription. There have been other issues like failed addin for Outlook 2016. Have had a support request open and they just don't respond with any updates. New version uses a lot more memory, so yes looking around at other options. True that Kaspersky too also has some issues and being a software developer I know there can be problems/bugs with new stuff.

    Sadly I saw the same thing with Avast where they did a major update, and the UI was terrible, slowed the PC where before it was virtually invisible.

    Anyway will try out Kaspersky for a couple of days and then give BD a full reinstall and see if it's any better.


  • New version may use around ~300mb of RAM, but it depends on how much the system/hardware has to offer. If it has more, BD takes a little more, but if it has less then the footprint is much smaller. Also, if another task, for example a VM is taking some RAM, Bitdefender will reduce its usage. In my case it went from 300mb to less than 150mb.

    Kaspersky is no exception here either, when it comes to resource usage – All good when idling, but resource heavy when removing malware (The Advance Disinfection).

    Avast is a completely different story. It went form great tool to PUP. I don't recommended in anymore, though it is still much lighter than BD or Kaspersky. 

    As for the addin issue, I can't say anything since I don't use Outlook. My interaction with BD support has been ok so far. Some problems fixed, some at least acknowledged, but we'll see what comes. 

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