How to cancel subscriptions in BD 2019?


For some reason BitDefender has now put me in an active subscription for reneval of the license. I have NEVER had this before, and I don't want it. I will buy the product if I like it, but I don't want the product to buy itself!.

In the email I received today is this written:

Your Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 expires on 2018-11-24. Your account is set for auto-renewal, so you enjoy continous protection. Unless you choose to opt out, your Bitdefender subscription will extend automatically for 12 MONTHS.

There is NO link to opt out of this, but only a link to BitDefender Central. I can find an overview of "my" subscriptions, but I can't change anything inthere. 

Any ideas?


  • Jay-Z

    The same thing happened to me!  You need to open a support ticket and tell them to get rid of the auto-renewal before it becomes due again.  Here is where you need to go and submit all of the required information.  Make sure they send you a confirmation message stating that they changed the status.



  • Thank you for info.


    I have now written to them. Is it legal in BitDefenders homeland to activate renewal without the accept from the customer? I'm close to call it stealing our money!!

  • Whau, that was fast. I have already received an email from "checkout support center" saying that my auto-renewal is cancelled.

    Good support :-)

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