Turn of Bitdefender temporarily?

Bitdefender 2019 Total Security

Windows 10 64 bit Home version 1803

Is it possible to temporarily turn off Bitdefender so I can use my company's VPN? The only way I can find to do this and turn on Windows Defender (which is what my company requires at the moment) is to uninstall Bitdefender. Naturally, this is a big pain, and when I'm done on my company's VPN, then I have to re-install Bitdefender. Naturally, this is a double big pain.


  • I am new to Bitdefender but I believe you can pause or permanently disable protection by going to Protection > Antivirus > Settings and click on the blue slider button.  A drop-down box will appear and you can make a choice about disabling protection.

  • Well how about that! It works! I have been using Bitdefender for years and never knew that. Thank you!

  • Glad that worked!  You're welcome!

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