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Apparently BD 2019 blocking some https urls in multiple browsers


About a year ago, I tried installing BD, but because of a sudden, inexplicable turn of just about any https url to being dangerous, including links I was visiting all the time, and not being able to get a quick solution, I got rid of it.

A few weeks ago, I got a full version Giveaway, which I was enthusiastic to try out. Shortly after I got this same issue come up. I followed some tutorial online involving installing some certificate file from BD files and the problem was gone. Yesterday, after being forced to uninstall Firefox, with the portable version I always use, the problem came back and in spite of trying to follow all sorts of instructions, including what worked before, it all failed. Before trying to throw out BD, I decided to just try the installable version of Firefox and it worked for most links until I came to that of accessing the Cpanel of my web host to urgently work on my website. It completely failed, including after contacting BD Chat support, with whom we went throw disabing all sorts of settings.

He said he was going to escalate the issue & his tech colleagues will respond within 48hours.

I however do not have this much time to wait with my preferred browser Firefox. In Opera I was only able to log in to Cpanel after making an exception for the site's certificate. Also a warning in Chrome => NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

I see in different forums this is a common BD issue other AV like Avast, AVG, McAfee, etc never ever posed. It's really been a nuisance, especially regarding have to work on my site via Cpanel or at one time accessing it, or even Google & other sites in some cases! I have wasted lots of time looking online for solutions + over 30 minutes of time with BD Online support + submitting a ticket.

Is there a simple solution to this at all for all browsers and which one has to deal with every now & then because of visiting site A, B or C, something other AVs have no problem with? I am just in the process of ditching Bit Defender today, even if I have a years license.

Thank you in advance.


  • I sent a reply to your ticket. Let me know if it helps. 

  • Hi

    Thank you for the follow-up.

    As a matter of fact, I had already done what you suggest yesterday, probably during the chat session or before.

    In spite of that, as you can see in the 3 browser screenshots:

    • Firefox still will not accept that url, except after giving an exception to that certificate (blue arrow), something which I think should not be

    • Chrome: that text in Germany says that connection is not secure, with that error message

    • in Opera, where I have been working, to do urgent work on my website via that Cpanel link ... is because of giving the certificate an exception.

    • that address is to a host server of one of the respectable web hosts in Germany, which until this certificate exception has always been considered secure with a green padlock up in the location bar.

    This is all confusing because another set of sites I manage at server address of the structure "https://something-server04.de:8443/" work.

    Anyway, I have no problem with BD blocking https sites, which other AV also recognize as such and no disruptive false positives, which is confusing for people who do not have a quick solution and waste useful time in the process.



  • The website does have an issue with the certificate, you can see that here: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=https://m5008.contabo.net:2083 

    That's why the exclusion in Firefox is needed. 

  • security-exception.thumb.jpg.d9726c95f93bd90e51e1f2b32a1fcf0b.jpg

    Hi there

    Thank you for the explanation. I originally requested support after getting frustrated with the sudden inaccessibility of various sites, not only that above in screenshot after installing Bit defender.

    As mentioned, it was various sites in Chrome, Opera and my preferred version of portable Firefox from portableapps.com, which I have used for many years. Because of not being able to get a quick explanation  I gave up on BD a year ago.

    This problem returned about 3 weeks ago with the installation of BD. After wasting time searching online, I came up with the solution of manually installing some certificate file C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\mitm_cache\fake-ca.crt(?) found  in BD files. My (portable) Firefox worked normally.

    Then because of an unrelated issue a couple  of days ago, I uninstalled Firefox (portable). as soon as I re-installed it, I could not access many https sites and many are nowadays, not only that above. One cannot make security exceptions for all! The solution of manual installation of C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\mitm_cache\fake-ca.crt which I found in some online tutorial did not work this time.

    I also state with an online search you get the impression a good number of folks have had an issue with this specific issue with https urls.

    In my case, after getting on the verge of uninstalling BD again, because of needing to move on an do some work, I decided to try the installable of version of Firefox. Suddenly, many of the links I use suddenly had no issue with their certificates, BUT a number still did. For some reason ALL other AV I use, of late Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Avast, AVG and McAfee, none of them has ever had an issue with these very links, needing some security certificate exception.

    The very appearance of that error is scary as one should not overlook any security warnings.

    So my support request is not unfounded. I currently I cannot use my preferred Portable Firefox, for the first time in many years because of too many such warnings shown in screenshot on the left. The same sites on the right in installable Firefox are "OK"!

    As much as I remember, after initially installing BD there were issues also with Chrome & Opera as well, but currently, and I need to say I do not use these much, they seem to have gradually normalized over time.

    I'm still in the test phase and whereas BD seems to be OK in other areas, this specific issue has been irritating because I have encountered it not only on the sites I am on very often, but also because of the frequency and disruption it has caused.


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