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Problems updating after latest product update


Whenever update runs, I get the following error message in Notifications:

Update encountered an error (error code: -1002, Could not resolve server). Please check your internet connection and try again.

Is anyone else having this problem?


  • DAN57150

    I suggest you type 1002 in the search box.

    You will have plenty of things to read and I hope you will find an answer to your problem.

  • Kobac

    Thank you, DAN57150.

    I had been using the Quad9 DNS platform ( for a little over a month now and have only had the Bitdefender update problem since my last product update this past Friday. Once I switched back from using Quad9 to "Obtain DNS server address automatically", I am  now able to update Bitdefender virus signatures.

    I suspect that something in the product update somehow messed things up for me.

    And thank you for suggesting the use of the forum Search feature. A big "duh" for me; I had only scanned the thread headers.

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