SafePay - How to Add Domains ?

Someone from Bitdefender please explain how one is supposed to add domains to SafePay in Settings so that the URL will open in SafePay ?

There is no field to enter domains in the SafePay Settings (there's just a single filed to enter a URL to exclude that URL from the pop-up blocker).

Entering a URL into the default system browser does not make SafePay prompt to open in SafePay.

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Once again, these kinds of issues and problems just do not inspire confidence. These recurring issues are totally unacceptable. You want people to purchase your software, but it is nothing but problem after problem. And support is terrible. Among the worst, if not the worst, in the industry.


  • I am experiencing the same problem. I think it was created during a recent Bitdefender update.

    I have used Safepay for years and had configured a list of domains (bank websites, etc.) that caused Safepay to launch automatically.

    However, after a recent Bitdefender update (sometime in the last 3 months), this functionality no longer works.

    My list of domains has disappeared from Safepay, and when I visit one of these websites, Safepay no longer launches automatically.

    As the attached screenshot (and the original poster) show, Safepay's settings page has a table of domains - but there are no domains in the list, and there is no option to add any.

    So it seems that Safepay has been broken, and it is now impossible to automatically launch Safepay for particular domains. So what so we do?20181222_192612.thumb.jpg.abe6745f36c3430b31be33d89c548971.jpg

  • Hi, 

    In that section, banking domains that you've chosen to automatically open in Safepay (or not) will appear, allowing you to change your previous choice. 

    If you wish to have other websites open automatically, you should create a bookmark in Safepay for that website and choose "Automatically open in Safepay" when creating it. 

    Thank you!

  • Thanks, Sergiu C.

    After that recent Bitdefender update, Safepay had retained my list of bookmarks, but had cleared them all from the table - so none of the websites were automatically opening in Safepay.

    So I fixed the problem by re-adding all my existing bookmarks, in each case ticking the option "Automatically open in Safepay". And I then deleted the original bookmarks so that I didn't have duplicates.

    So now, whenever I navigate to one of these bookmarked websites, Safepay will launch automatically, as expected. However, as the attached screenshot shows, Safepay fails to open the website itself, and instead displays "The navigation to [website] failed. Error ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED(21): The network changed."

    I have experimented with this, and discovered the following:

    1. If Safepay is already running when I navigate to a bookmarked website, that website will be successfully opened in Safepay. However, if Safepay isn't running when I navigate to the bookmarked website, Safepay will launch, but fail to open the website.

    2. The behaviour is the same for all bookmarked websites.

    3. The behaviour is the same regardless of whether Bitdefender's "Use VPN with Safepay" option is enabled or disabled.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?


  • Are you connected to a network immediately after Safepay loads? You should see a network icon in the lower right corner of the Safepay screen. That error would indicate that when Safepay is opened your network connection is at least temporarily disconnected. 

    If you open Safepay manually from Privacy, is the internet connection reset/disconnected as well?

  • Actually, never mind. It now seems the Bitdefender VPN is the culprit.

    If I untick the "Use VPN with Safepay" option, bookmarked websites will now successfully launch in Safepay, as expected.

    I already tried that option before my previous post, and it didn't work, but it's working now! I don't know why, but at least it's working.

    And FYI: Safepay generally takes about 10 seconds to launch, during which it just displays a grey background. But with the VPN option enabled, immediately after that grey screen, Safepay displays the above error and does show a network icon in the lower right.

  • Hi, 

    Looks like the website does not have time to load before the VPN starts connecting, which causes the network connection to reset and the message is displayed then. I couldn't reproduce the issue, but in my case websites loaded before the VPN got a chance to connect. 

  • Makes sense. I'll just leave the VPN disabled. I'd prefer to use VPN, but I'll be fine without it.

    FYI: I conducted another experiment, which shows this problem is definitely caused by the VPN connecting. If I have "Use VPN with Safepay" ticked and open a bookmarked website, Safepay will launch but fail to open the website (as described above). However, if I manually connect the VPN and then open the bookmarked website, Safepay will launch and will open the website.

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