Blockade for most websites.


With my BD Total Security 2019 within the last five days, there are strange phenomenons with Internet access. Today, I've got  these messages shown in the screen captures attached.

What could be the problems? Malwares ? I'm a little bit in worry.

Thanks for your help.




  • This issue was resolved in the French forum, but if anyone else receives such errors in Firefox, for all https websites, the steps to follow are:


    - open Firefox

    - press on the menu button in the upper right that looks like three bars one under another

    - go to Options

    - go to Privacy & Security

    - press on View certificates

    - go to Authorities

    - delete any Bitdefender entries in the list

    - press on Import

    - navigate to C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\mitm_cache

    - select fake-ca.crt and press on Open

    - check all the boxes you are prompted with

    - press on next until the certificate is installed

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