Dynabook TV Center and Advanced Threat Defense

I have a Toshiba desk top that's installed with software called Dynabook TV Center. For some reason, the software will not open when the Advanced Threat Defense is activated, but does open and run when Advanced Threat Defense isn't activate. If I deactivate ATD, open the TV software and then reactivate ATD, the TV software seems to run fine. So, there's something about ATD that's stopping the TV software from working properly. 


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    Do you receive any notification from ATD when it is blocking Dynabook TV Center?

  • bogin
    edited January 2019

    No,  I did not. I only think it's the ATD because the TV software starts when I deactivate ATD first, but will not start when ATD is already activated. 

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    In this case we recommend you to contact us via email at [email protected] with some screenshots with ATD ON and OFF, as it may be silently blocked by ATD and we need to further investigate.

  • I'm willing to try that, but I'm not sure what kind of screenshots you want me to send. Basically, I have a Dynabook TV Center shortcut icon on my desk top. When I click on it while ATD is ON, the software opens then immediately closes. If I turn ATD OFF and then click on the shortcut, the software opens and I'm able to watch TV on my computer. I'm not sure how to take a screenshot of that happening. The software came with the computer and both are made by Toshiba.

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    In this case, we need just the repro steps and some logs from your device. We will inform you about the logs we need on the email.

  • Thank you for another response.

    Although I've used computers for quite some time and have some familiarity with them, I'm not really sure what you're asking me to send you.

    What is a repro step and which logs do you need?

    When I use BItdefender to scan my computer, there's a log created which shows the results. Is this the log you need? Otherwise, I've never really (at least knowingly) created any other logs for my computer or any software installed on it.

    I've heard that some anti-virus/security software packages have something called a "white list" (maybe that's the correct term) which allows users to added reliable programs, url addresses, etc. to a list which lets the software know that the program or whatever is reliable and doesn't need to be or shouldn't need to be blocked. Is that a possibility here? Can I somehow "tell" ATD that the Dynabook software is OK to run? 

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    Please send us a Support Tool log at [email protected]

    [how to generate a SUPPORT TOOL log]