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Why on earth does the quarantine process take so long???

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BitDefender has recently been absurdly over-agressive with blocking and/or quarantining everything that is out of the ordinary, regardless of whether it is actually malicious or not. I am OK with that, what I am NOT OK with is how ridiculously long it can take for the quarantined files to actually show up in the quarantine. I routinely have to wait for up to a minute after it quarantines a game trainer or keygen, even if that file is less than a few MB's in size. I'm not sure whether I am OK with keeping BitDefender on my system, I am having to do this at least 5 times a week.


  • I mean, ****, it doesn't even show up in the event notifications until it finishes.


    Also, BitDefender desperately needs the option to create exceptions that dont exist yet. For instance, it keeps deleting a dll file from my temp folder, but since the file does not exist there because it is constantly being instantly deleted, I need to add an exception. But (stupidly) BitDefender will only allow you to add an exception with a "valid file path" and since the file does not exist at that path, I cant add an exception! This is just beyond retarded. When I contacted support about this, they didn't even seem to understand the problem. I really am beginning to think that I am going to need to switch to another AV.


    You know what, **** it. I'm uninstalling this piece of garbage and going over to Sophos.

  • SebastianDI
    edited February 2019

    How about doing a fresh install and putting latest drivers afterwards your installation?





    PS you are not threatened to use Bitdefender. You can always change your Antivir product. ;=) Oh, la la. Sophos? Dude have fun with low framerates in games and incompability with Microsoft products. Have fun. :P:P:P

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