BitDefender blocked my Metro Exodus installation

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The antivirus module of BitDefender 2019 Total Security blocked part of my Metro Exodus game, during installation, and I don't know where recover that file (Feature:


The file D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\depotcache\412021_depotcache_39.csd has been detected as infected. The threat has been successfully blocked, your device is safe."


This happened during the download and installation of Metro Exodous through Steam, so it is undoubtly a false positive. But where do i recover it, and add it to a inclusion list, because i can't see it in Quarantine anywhere.  I made a support ticket yesterday, but haven't heard anything.  I have tried running Metro Exodus, but it doesn't run, so I have no doubt it's the blocking that has caused this.


  • Try disabling the protection and check files of your Metro Exodus installation (or delete it and re download it again with the BD protection disabled)

    You can also add Steam folder in exclusions before installing or checking files then remove it when you're sure it's running

  • Hello,

    We were unable to reproduce this behavior internally.

    Please let us know if this situation persists on your end with the latest signature updates.