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Quick Scan Finishing Early



I've noticed that whenever I run a Quick Scan on my system that the scan finishes at around 70% rather than 100%, I'm given the finished scan page telling me that my system is safe and that the scan has completed.  This is a abnormal as I'd normally expect a scan to finish at the 100% value.  This has happened on multiple new installations and even my machine being reset when it went into the shop.  The last Quick Scan that I ran only took a couple of minutes and scanned around 7500 things, the first System Scan on a fresh installation of Windows 10 took around 35-40 minutes and scanned around 3m things? Just wondering if any admins or members might be able to tell me if this is normal on a gaming laptop which is pretty nippy in terms of speed, also why my scan keeps finishing early?



  • Stefan I.


    Depending on the periodicity of the scans you're performing some will finish faster due to how clean items are indexed and monitored for changes rather then going through the full check-up again.

    Having a more modern processor and an SSD such as the ones you'll find in most modern gaming laptops also helps.

  • I'm more bothered about the fact that the scans are finishing early, my last Quick Scan went through the numbers showed it was scanning but when the scan percentage reached about 69-71% it finished, this was the first and only scan that I've ran since getting the computer back.  If the time it's taken sounds about right for a performance laptop that's fair enough, I'm more concerned that the scan isn't getting to 100% before it finishes meaning that it might not be scanning everything or something else might be the matter.

    When I had the machine before it did a similar thing, around 70% it just finished and said the scan was completed, that everything was fine/nothing was found.  However on another machine (albeit a slower one) the scan went from 0-100% before it finished.

  • Stefan I.


    If you're concerned about this you can always send us the description above and a support tool log for analysis at

    We'll have it processed and see if everything is in order.

  • DBenjamin
    edited July 2019

    Thanks, I will try and sort that out today then, do you have any idea why the scan might be doing this?  I just ran another to check that it didn't happen a second time but again it finished scanning at about 69% before telling me the scan was complete and everything was fine.  2.30 minute Quick Scan that went through about 7500 items about 1460 skipped items.  I can confirm that aside from this the AV seems to be running as it normally should, it's updating and loading when I open it etc.  

    Do I need to put anything else when I send to the bitsy email? Or is it just the description and the log?


    By the way the support tool log link that you posted doesn't seem to work.

  • Roxana G


    All you need to do is to add the description of your situation and generate the log. Indeed the link does not work, I apologize for that.

    How to generate a Support Tool log:


  • The link I've been given gives instructions for when Bitdefender isn't installed, I have it installed... does that make a difference?  Is there a different approach for when it is or will this do the same thing?

  • Hi,

    I didn't get an answer to my question about that link that was posted, it states that you use that download when Bitdefender isn't installed whilst I do have it installed.  So can I use that support tool dl or is there something I can use within the AV since it's already installed?  

    Just wanted to make sure it wouldn't cause issues trying to install/use if BD is installed.

  • Thanks, I'll download the tool and try doing that during the day tomorrow, not had a chance to yet.

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