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Chrome.exe is being constantly blocked

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by Bitdefender Firewall, saying chrome.exe has changed.

I have checked in preferences and it is allowed as incoming and outgoing, home and office.

I have to click on the popup several times to say its ok, let chrome in.

If I scan chrome.exe with Bitdefender, it says its clean,

Any ideas what I may be doing wrong ?

Thanks for any suggestions



  • mdgboxx
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    You got to it before I did. I'll stand in line...........Six feet away. LOL

  • Zabobitman
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     Hi, this gentleman, or a lady @PatrickGosforth  , hello

    Your Chorme extension, or something else, interferes with your Chrome

    It may be implanted with a malicious virus or a Trojan horse program. My personal suggestion is that you reinstall Chrome, and after the installation is complete, perform another correct scan, and then scan Chorme.exe is incomplete

    You must scan all the complete files of Chrome, not just Chorme.exe

    Well if it's a malware issue, the best course of action would be to do a system scan. This could be an issue with extensions, or even toolbars installed, this article guides one to check for those

    Usually Bitdefender firewall should not block or have any interaction with chrome. One more personal idea is to reset the firewall rules if the scan comes out clean. As it may have had some sort of bug.

  • thanks, I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, and the issue has disappeard. Its odd that I had already done several system scans before that and never picked up any problems at all. Anyway, the problem seems resoved. Thanks again