Android devices VPN "no internet connection"

Don't know when this started as I don't really check to use my VPN at home where I've been the last few weeks but my two tablets, one running an older version of Android OS and phone get a "no internet connection" message when trying to start the VPN even though the are connected to the internet through my home wifi.

This is what I sent to BD support after initial report and have not received an answer

"This morning I tried this. I used my Samsung G8 hotspotting and connect the Lenovo and was able to get the VPN to connect. Then I switched the Lenovo back to my wi-fi and it stayed connected. I turned off the VPN and tried to connect again and got the No Internet message. Went back to the hotspotting and connected and again then switched the Lenovo back to my wi-fi and again VPN stayed connected.

THEN I switched the G8 to my wi-fi instead of Verizon data and tried to connect to the VPN and I get the same No Internet message so it seems it can’t connect through my wi-fi for some reason now. Have never noticed this before. I then tried an old tablet I rarely use but have BD on it and same thing.

I am writing this on a PC on the wi-fi and it CAN connect and a direct to router PC also can connect. So it’s just the Android devices."

Any ideas?


  •  Hi, this gentleman, or a lady @stinger22 , hello

    As long as the Premium VPN subscription is active on the account, then we recommend uninstalling the VPN application and then re-installing it.

    The VPN application can be uninstalled from the programs' list, and it can be reinstalling from Bitdefender Total Security > Privacy.

    In my personal experience, it works every time. In instances where that would not work, then the user would need to contact us directly, as we'll need to investigate further and possibly escalate the issue to the upper-level of support.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @stinger22

    Your issue is related to Android and not Windows. Hence you will not be able to uninstall vpn since it is an inbuilt feature in mobile security.

    For best support regarding your query, kindly email the mobile support department of bitdefender : [email protected]

    Note : response might be delayed due to covid19 and less support staff.

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