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Gmail weird message with incorporated (BUTTONS)

Is it possible for someone to install spyware on my computer without me knowing it and can your product locate spyware?

I received a message in gmail

the message contain buttons with the answer to a question




could this be a slick way to install spyware?


  • Hello @urantiam ,

    There are different factors.

    1. Case 1: It might be a SPAM / Phishing mail. Just leave it / delete it. Your computer won’t be safe. Don’t open or click on any links on mails which you receive from suspecious email accounts.
    2. Case 2: If you are using Gmail from web browsers, all in/out traffic will be monitored by Bitdefender and your device will be protected
    3. Case 3: In case if any malware (spyware/virus/adware) tries to infiltrate to your computer from web or any other sources, Bitdefender will keep you protected.

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