File Shredder on SSD

Over the years I was always told that using a secure file shredder on an SSD was unnecessary, you only needed to use that kind of tool on a HDD.

Is this any different with the Bitdefender File Shredder?


  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    @Brett M

    It's true that using file shredder of any manufacturer on an SSD is useless because SSD use integrated circuit instead of magnetic tapes that are used in HDD. SSD are good enough to erase data with the help of TRIM command. Moreover if you will use file shredder on an SSD, chances are you will decrease it's life.

    You can check if TRIM command is enabled on your PC (, only if you are using SSD. Enabling TRIM command for HDD will be of no use. It is better to use file shredder on HDD instead. The above link will also help you to understand TRIM feature in detail.

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  • Thanks for the info Flex!

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