Where has the Security Widget gone?

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Where did the Security Widget upgrade to software version 25? 2 hours ago I still had it and nothing, I can't see very well and this round visual element made my life much easier than it is?


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    Hi Member,

    Below is the official link from bitdefender which states the features that have been removed in Bitdefender 2021 for Windows OS




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  • There was a fairly lengthy thread (can't remember the title) filled with complaints about removal of the security widget. It no longer shows up when I search for security widget topics. Does anyone know what happened to that thread?

  • I think I've found the new Bitdefender Widget...

    ...only joking (unfortunately)! There's not a day that goes past when I don't miss the little widget — but it's looking like we are not going to be getting it back any time soon. Such a disappointment and in my opinion it would be easy to give an option (a switch in the settings etc.) for those users who have come to rely on the instant visual indication of Bitdefender updates and warnings that occur throughout a typical day on a computer.

    My solution now is the "somewhat larger version" of my Bitdefender widget. Obviously it's nothing like as convenient as the little widget was... and I have to place it on my desktop every single time I boot up my PC. However, it seems to be the only way around the problem for me! It may be something you'd want to try?

    Sob. Sob.