Auto Renewal is so wrong!!!!!

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I am so annoyed to find that I was automatically signed up to auto renewal. I have finally managed to cancel it, after a lot of hassle. If I continue with Bitdefender, next month & at the moment it's a big IF. I'm not happy about renewing, as it seems my details will be kept again & this time next year, the same thing will happen !!.


  • Kotten
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    I made this account not long ago to look this up and made a big post about this but they keep deleting it.. without warning or reason.

  • Kotten
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    I've been a customer for Bitdefender for a long time and never had any problems with the product.

    I've never been a fan of auto renewal and always done this manually, but this year I can't find to cancel the auto renewal except doing so on '2Checkout' own website (which handles their purchases).

    I've read older posts here and doesn't seem like anyone is getting any help with this for whatever reason.

    There's this page here that is supposed to guide people how to cancel the auto-renewal BUT this does in fact not exist anymore, at least not on my version. It's so dumb.

    For anyone trying to cancel or want to remove their personal information (like credit card) you could try your luck on 2Checkout website.

  • When you purchase, there is fine print that says it will auto renew.

    TO STOP AUTO RENEW: On the dashboard, click My Subscriptions on the left. Then click My Payments tab at the top. You'll find "Manage your subscription renewal options" on that page. You're then given the option to keep or turn off auto renewal. When you click turn off it will probably give you the option to renew for half off.

  • The My Payments tab that linda502 refers to does not exist for me. I just purchased Bitdefender security and haven't even installed it yet but I am already having second thoughts because I can't find any means to disable the automatic renewal. Only a sneaky, underhanded company needs to trick people into purchases they don't intend to make.

  • I have exactly the same problem. They renewed even after I purchased a new year subscription and now I have 2 subscriptions. How did you manage to resolve the issue?

  • Fortunately, after some considerable time I was able to cancel my auto renewal. I decided I really wanted to stay with Bitdefender but not at there renewal price, which was over 3 times the amount new customers paid!!!!! Once cancelled Bitdefender sent me an email with a new, much lower, renewal which I decided to accept, only because I rate there product highly.

    Having said all the negative things about the company, I do believe they will refund you the over payment.

    I also think that we all need to firmly say no to auto renewal.

  • I bought my first subscription through Amazon, so there is no payment info in the dashboard. I will deal with it when it expires.

  • Stegs
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    2checkout, or 2co as they are now known, appears to be the 'official' route for auto-renewal and other subscription management services.

    See for details on how to access it.

    It would seem futile to keep trying to find solutions using the bitdefender website itself. It would be useful, of course, if bd provided a link or other info on their site to point customers in the right direction.