The Return of the Security Widget



  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    thank you so much

    but if every day there are 10,000 users it will still be there in 6 months knowing that Bitdefender has 500,000,000 users.

    I will be happy to know what are the update criteria on which you base yourself so that such and such receive before such user

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    @BogdanB_BD Additional to what @Gauthey said, if bitdefender malware database update is released to all the user at once worldwide, then why there is a delay for the product update. Why not release it worldwide at once, similar to malware database update.



  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    @BogdanB_BD @Andy_BD

    The update system crap I'm only at version while it looks like the latest version is Except an update took place this evening at 22:21 but still nothing is the version which has been updated.

    Has someone received the latest update and can upload a screenshot of the Widget presence in order to win the petition?

    I had to wait almost 2 months for the last update when I removed the Widget, it had been removed in July and I had the update in October. So guys we're not ready to have it.

    As long as I do not have his return in front of me, we will continue the mobilization

  • k70k70 ✭✭

    Same here,maybe completely reinstalling bitdefender might reinstate the widget?

  • k70k70 ✭✭

    It's not the end of january yet but if some users have to wait months while others only a few days then that is just wrong.

    Also thank you for your efforts to get the widget back.

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  • So what Build version has it?

  • Alex_AAlex_A ✭✭✭

    security widget is back to us!

    product version

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭
  • k70k70 ✭✭

    Still no widget here.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Same on my side. It's still the old product version as of now !



  • @BogdanB_BD Thank you for the update, very welcome news!

    However, this weekend is end of month and I'm starting to wonder when I'll receive it.

    Fingers crossed... 🤞

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭
    edited January 30

    @BogdanB_BD @Andy_BD @Alex Stanciu @Sergiu C.

    On our side still nothing and February 1 is fast approaching, Bitdefender will he keep their promise nothing is less certain

  • k70k70 ✭✭

    Can confirm the widget is back for me,version is

  • The widget is a great UI enhancement but I'm even happier to see BitDef responding positively to customer feedback. That's a major product discriminator these days. I still regret the loss of file vault but I've replaced it with Veracrypt without major issues with my clients. On balance, congratulations and glad to be able to remain a long-standing BitDef customer.

  • DimitrisGDimitrisG
    edited February 3

    Thank you, it's OK!

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭


    I announce that I just got it this morning :)

    Our good old Widget is finally back on a global scale

  • My Widgy friend is back today.

    Looks like a face lift has occurred but the companionship is great during COVID

  • I've had the build update this morning and can confirm that the widget can be selected in settings.

    A question though...the widget literally sits on the desktop and if, for example, I open a browser, I can't actually see the widget because it's sat on the desktop. Is this normal? Can it be adjusted to sit on top of whatever you have open on your computer? Thanks.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Finally it's back !



  • I am impressed and delighted that Mr Widget is back!

    I was very disappointed when the widget was removed from Bitdefender. For me this was quite a differentiator, and I loved the way I could be instantly aware of notifications and tasks that Bitdefender was performing. I could not believe that such a small but useful feature had been removed. I was not the only user who felt like this and I know that Bitdefender would have received many requests for the widget's return.

    Without the widget I would have to fire up the Bitdefender program to see what notifications I had missed during the preceding hours. I know that Bitdefender is looking out for me but if I visit a potentially malicious website, or if Bitdefender failed to update, or there are critical Windows updates required etc. I don't want to have to open up the dashboard/notifications to get the notifications. The Widget solved that issue perfectly and originally was one of the features (many years ago) that made me purchase the AV application. In fact, I so missed the widget that I had a daily routine of firing up the Bitdefender program, then dragging its window almost off my desktop — just so I could see any new notifcation. A crude method, but that is literally what I have done ever since the widget's demise.

    I therefore want to sincerely express my thanks to all at Bitdefender for listening to those of us who were saddened when the widget went into retirement! IT'S BACK (Hooray)!!! NOT ONLY IS THE WIDGET BACK... but it looks EVEN BETTER. A nice new modern design that has been beautifully designed.

    Bitdefender has restored my faith because it shows that large companies can listen to their customers and respond to requests when appropriate. I must admit it seldom seems to happen these days with other software providers etc.

    So, THANK YOU for returning Mr Widget. He and I are now very happy again everyday when we share our computer time together... I have even purchased a 15-device 2-year subscription for when my product needs renewal.

    Very much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    A happy Bitdefender user.

  • I'm also happy to see it back!!! I really missed it!

  • Happy to see the widget back... very happy :)

    But I do prefer the previous version with just the check mark in the circle. The new version with a laptop icon in the center is getting a bit large, and the laptop icon has no discernible function. The widget is not to impress, but to sit unnoticed in a corner.

    It is slightly overbearing for me atm... but better than nothing.

    A perfect world would allow me to drag it to size.

  • Thanks for bringing back the Widget. It's nice to have a company listen to its customers!

  • So glad that the Widget is back. I don't care how it looks. As long as it works like the old one you have one happy customer here. :D

  • Very pleased to see the widget show up in the corner of my screen. Thanks very much for bringing it back!

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the information to bringing back the Widget.

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