Long Update Times....Again.

Manual update took 15 minutes today on my laptop. Almost as long on my desktop. Neither required a restart so I assume there was no program update. The desktop is an i5 with 8 gigs ram and an SSD drive on a 400 Mbps wired connection.

I had to do a manual update on the laptop since TS won't automatically update for an hour if an update wasn't done for over 24 hours.

That issue has been reported and ignored several times.

These long updates have been an issue here going way back to TS 2018.

BDTS 2020 great protection, horrible program.


  • How to fix a stuck Windows update

    1. Make sure the updates really are stuck
    2. Turn it off and on again
    3. Check the Windows Update utility
    4. Run Microsoft's troubleshooter program
    5. Launch Windows in Safe Mode
    6. Go back in time with System Restore
    7. Delete the Windows Update file cache yourself
    8. Launch a thorough virus scan 
    9. Run a full Windows reset

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  • Cum se remediază o actualizare Windows blocată

    1. Asigurați-vă că actualizările sunt blocate
    2. Opriți-l și reporniți-l
    3. Verificați utilitarul Windows Update
    4. Rulați programul de depanare Microsoft
    5. Lansați Windows în modul sigur
    6. Reveniți în timp cu System Restore
    7. Ștergeți singur memoria cache a fișierului Windows Update
    8. Lansați o scanare detaliată a virusului 
    9. Rulați o resetare completă Windows

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