Bitdefender blocking but not eliminating malware in Firefox

Four days ago Bitdefender Total Security started blocking Firefox for Windows 10 from connecting to . A web search indicates gitcdn is a malicious ad server (at minimum). The BD blocking notices occur at regular intervals as the malware makes repeated attempts to connect. But BD is not eliminating the threat, BD is just blocking it. Here is the Malicious URL Firefox Win 10 is trying to connect to ---

I tried a full system scan but that did not detect the problem.

Screenshot files are attached.


  • Exactly the same with MS Edge.

    I'd too would like to know if BD can permantly remove the threat, or if that is NOT possible, if the blocking action is the only answer.


  • monexplorer
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    what is the next step to stop the annoying notification about

  • Tester4321
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    Same to me. Is this a false-positive message? Using Firefox 87 on windows 10 20H2. What to do? There are several with taht problem. So it seems to be up to Bitdefender. Someone with a solution?

    First time it was - then three days silence - today

    Checked with Malwarebytes, Spybot Search&Destroy and Bitdefender: No AV finds a problem.

  • Tester4321
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    Ok, seems to be a uBlock Add-on problem:

  • I'm having the same problem with FF 87.0. I never had this prior to the FF update. The notification i persistent and interrupts normal PC operation by commandeering the cursor with every notice. Attached is a screen shot.