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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition blocking posts to & since 7/19/21


Starting yesterday, 7/19/21, I found Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition was blocking my attempts to post my usual daily art updates to and; I've been using Bitdefender for about a year without encountering this problem, and I've been using those sites for years without having this problem before.

I tried adding to Bitdefender's exclusion list, but the problems with posting there persist; they only go away while its Protection Shield is set to Off.

On, the problems went away after toggling the Protection Shield from On to Off to back On again, once.'s administrator told me this after I reported the issue: "Tell them that it's removing your POST data and uploaded files on some requests to, which recently switched servers." Their hosting server switch completed on 7/19.


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    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at regarding your query .They will reply back asap.



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  • I noticed related error. It seems that BitDefender somehow damages payload of AJAX/XHR requests.

  • Donde

    Confirming the above as well - Since a little over a week now, BitDefender is breaking important websites like MS Azure...

    As soon as you turn the Protection engine off, all problematic sites work without issue.. Getting very annoying.

  • Thanks, I've gone through support and captured a debug session for them, although I haven't heard back since I sent it to them several weeks ago. The problem is still occurring.

  • Hey. Just wanted to drop in another confirmation of the issue. Since a few weeks ago different machines around my office and my personal pc started having trouble logging into many secure sites including such with bitdefender SSL certificates and preventing users from using functions in other ones where they could login.

    The configs were so different (server and client), that it took me a whole day to realize it was bitdefender doing it since I've added exclusions for said websites, but it didn't matter at all.

    That's happening on bitdefender's free version.

  • I heard back from Bitdefender support. They tell me the problem is fixed in Bitdefender version They told me I could use the Update Now right-click system tray command to update it to that latest version--however, they appear to have forgotten that I'm running Antivirus Free Edition, which does not have an Update Now option. My AFE is on version, updated yesterday, and still encounters the problem. I don't know if or when the Free Edition will receive the fix they're talking about.

  • Bitdefender support contacted me to say they're still working on the issue, and when it is fixed, the fix will come via automatic update. They didn't say whether they were talking about paid, free, or both versions.

  • My Antivirus Free Edition updated to version, and the problem went away, so it looks like the fix is now live, at least in the free version.