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It would be most handy under the Webpage password feature to have an additional input area (field) for adding notes. Just simple area to type in say secret questions or email address used to register at the website.
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  • Let me get a bit more precise with this suggestion...there are plenty of fields in each of the sections with the Password Manager (Wallet) area for storing information for IDs, Emails, Webpages, etc. But, I have noted in other password managers in the marketplace and section called "Secure Notes". While on other rival products this area is used for Software Products and such, the area (like a notepad setup) allows the user to really, enter any handy private information they need.

    Such as, those backup codes we often get - like with Google accounts - should one lose access to their 2FA. Also, it can be handy for other information, even if it's just to write down a security number for your home office, your bitcoin wallet address or perhaps emergency contact information.

    But if such an area would be difficult to incorporate, AI believe even having just a "notes" field in each of the wallet's section would be invaluable t o the end user. Surely adding a field to the wallet database would not be a great problem. But then again, maybe it is!! After all I don't code in BitDefender's software department :)