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hello sir.i need small business endpoint protection antivirus protection in my company with good firewal.can you guide me what is the best version.we are making our server2012r2 online.SO WE need good firewall.also it will not effect our file and sharing internal things.before we used symantec end point protection in our company.but it was some time not allowing printer sharing or file can you please guide me for which one is best version of bitdefender .

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danik issac


  • Hi @danikissac

    If you're looking to protect your small business we have a solution which is very close to our consumer solution: Small Office Security

    Get complete protection for your small business to prevent data breaches and secure your clients` personal and financial data.

    Have a look on our presentation page and see if it is something that would suit your business.

    And if you require more information, we're here to assist!

  • thank you .i will look on presentation page.