how do i disable this annoing VPN message (unsafe Wi-Fi network)

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hello, I'm a customer of over 5 years of Bitdefender antivirus/
for the last 2 years, I got this annoying VPN message although I got VPN of another company on my pc.
connecting to the customer service didn't help, this message just keep popping over and over no mether how many times I click "Not now".

how can I disable this message?!


  • Yep, Me too. I event tried to enable VPN just to get rid on the popup but the activation failed as well..
  • Having used Bitdefender for many years myself, the only viable solutions I am aware of is finding an alternative product which doesn't behave like the things its supposed to insulate its users from. They've made a serious error in their product upsell strategy. I did get support to write me that this is a defect they are resolving, though I doubt he actually got confirmation that this is a defect slated for resolution - probably his way to close the incident out. Unfortunately, my testing of Kav yielded a number of compatibility issues; so the search is still on.
  • Me too. I really don't want the VPN and it is really annoying that I can't just uninstall it. I hate when vendors think they own my machine, and can dictate what I can and cannot run. Unfortunately that is the new normal with Antivirus software, nobody wants to sell just AV. They need to throw in the kitchen sink of security products.

  • This is tremendously annoying and a bad upsell strategy. I use PIA for my VPN.

    It is making me want to undo this subscription.

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