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Would someone please tell me how to remove this bubble. I've looked in settings multiple times to no avail.

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    Hello @t_newt,

    If you're using Android 12.xx, then the steps to follow are:

    Setttings -> Notifications -> Floating Notifications -> tap "Bitdefender" -> uncheck everything -> restart your phone.

    Did this on my own phone and it works.



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  • Hello @SG777 ,

    That is a floating notification/ widget for Bitdefender Mobile Solution which you have installed on your phone.

    You can turn that off from the Settings/ Notifications from your Android OS (I assume that what's you're using).



    Intel Quad 6600 on LGA 775, running perfectly for 10 years a Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Yeah,

    For whatever reason, turning that off and on with Android 12 does nothing. Even a setting change and reboot. Finally gave up and uninstalled and reinstalled. They could use a bit more work on Android 12 compatibility. Permission settings suggestions are incomplete and this vexing issue. Thanks for responding though.

  • Yes! I just got a Pixel 6 and this showed up on my screen. It is very annoying! This wasn't on my previous phone (maybe because it didn't have Android 12). A phone screen is already small enough without useless bubbles taking up space and getting in the way. I've already had it interfere with my typing and get in the way of reading text. You can move it but you can't get rid of it.

    Did uninstalling/reinstalling work?

    If there's a setting in the Notifications area that can turn this off, I can't find it. I tried turning everything off and the bubble is still there.

    This is annoying and intrusive enough that I will have to uninstall this software if this cann

  • Where is this 'Floating Notifications' selection to be found? It isn't under Bitdefender's settings. It isn't under Android Notification settings for Bitdefender. I have a Pixel 6. Here's the Android Notification page (along with the very annoying floating 'B' bubble):

  • "I got rid of it by going to the phone Settings, Accessibility"

    That worked. Thanks! The bubble is gone.

  • The Accessibility tip is correct. Little addition you have to turn shortcut to off. In German "Verknüpfung für ..." ausschalten.
  • I have a Samsung S 21 Ultra running Android 12. I had to go into Stettings / Accessibility / Installed Apps click on Bitdefender Mobile Security and turn off Bitdefender Mobile Security Shortcut as in photo...

  • Very annoying. Just wasted 15 mins finding the solution to this here, after it caused a problem by getting in the way on some screenshots I had to take (QR codes).
  • Thanks for this - yes, turning it off in Accessibility works.

    But what does it actually DO? I couldn't find any use for it. Tapping it does nothing, draging it over files does nothing?


  • i agree this is an unwanted "feature" that needs to be removed. It is especially annoying that I click the notification and it does absolutely nothing at all to tell me how to resolve or what it is trying to nag me about.

  • On my Galaxy Z Fold 3, I got rid of it by going to the phone: One UI version 4.1; Android 12

    ·        Settings

    ·        Accessibility

    ·        Installed Apps

    ·        Bitdefender Mobile Security and turned off the Bitdefender Mobile Security shortcut

    ·        McAfee Security and turned off the Bitdefender Mobile Security shortcut

  • Hello,

    This is the Android's latest "bubble feature" that is enabled by default. You can find all the steps on how to disable this in the article below:

    Best regards.

  • I have tried everything suggested here including a factory reset. I have a Galaxy Note 10+. I'm finished. I'm going to uninstall Bitdefender and probably won't renew. It's driven me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have now uninstalled bitdefender and the bubble is still there after restarting the phone.

  • Hello,

    This happens because the bubble is not a feature designed by Bitdefender, it's an Android feature that is enabled by default. Have you followed the steps described in the article below?

    If you have toggled the feature off and the bubble is still being displayed, try to turn off the Shortcut. One of our members encountered the same situation and confirmed on the following thread that the bubble dissapeared afterwards:

    Let us know how it goes.

    Best regards