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Hi all,

I just had a file "disinfected" which is part of a trustedsoftware installation, which ofcourse stopped the install from proceeding. How can I allow this through This software is in use my many radio amateurs across the globe. The website is https://www.ke9ns.com/flexpage.html

I am unable to use this software until this file is all allowed to run

Any help appreciated



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    You can exclude the file(s) and/or the folder from Bitdefender Antivirus scan, by following these steps:

    You can also report the file(s) as false positive to Bitdefender Labs here:




  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I send in a sceen shot of the file name but cannot send in the file itself. Also, I am unable to bypass the file ( restore it ) as it still wont continue the installation

    Any ides how to bypass this file


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    Hi Again, when I try and add the exeption in bit defender, it cannot find the file, I presume the file is in sandbox somewhere?. I cannot even copy and paste the path. If I go offline, how can I disable bit defender, sothat I can add the exception in, then restart bit defender. Bit defender says it has no permission to the path ?


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    Kindly share the virustotal link of the file.


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    Check if below steps help:

    1) Temporarily disable Bitdefender Protection: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/28557/

    2) Set exclusion in Bitdefender Antivirus: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/13427/

    3) Set exclusion in Bitdefender Advanced Threat Defense: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/2393/

    4) Re-enable real time protection in Bitdefender.


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  • It seems bit defender team are unable to download the installtion file from the website and get the .dll file themselves ? Not very efficient to say the least. Surely they have a test bed pc which they can use and get at the file OR just pack it up. They keep asking me to send in the file, but wont say what bit defender has done with it ? I cannot help them without the file !! and I cannot install the application because the file gets "disinfected and lost"

    I should go back to windows defender or Norton.

  • It occurs when a program or webpage performs an action that appears to the antivirus program to be a virus-like activity. We strive to reduce false-positive reports to a minimum. However, Bitdefender may on occasion mistakenly flag a safe website or a legitimate file as a false positive threat.