App anomaly detection keeps turning itself off since update to

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I have an android tv box, the HK1RBOX running android 12 and I have bitdefender mobile version installed on it from the google play store. Since bitdefender mobile updated today trough the google play store to the "app anomaly detection" keeps turning itself off, every time I boot my tv box it's turned off and I have to turn it back on manually.

I have just reinstalled the app from the google play store and this issue is still there. I've read on the bitdefender website this has to do with the battery power settings but this is a tv box not a phone so it doesn't have a battery. I do can run scans though.

I'm starting to get verry frustrated with bitdefender, the last few month it's just issue after issue after issue after issue, I currently have 4 issues on windows and now 2 issues on the mobile app that are pending with bitdefender support, all of them with exception of this new issue with the "app anomaly detection" on the bitdefender mobile app I have gotten back from bitdefender support that they're aware of the issue and working on a fix, the longest issue is since august last year and still not fixed.

The bitdefender mobile app worked yesterday and today an update and of course you guys break something. My renewal is coming up this year but I'm not sure if I'm going to renew, better just switch to an alternative internet security software.

I have submitted a ticked to support about this issue.


  • Gjoksi


    This is a known issue and has been discussed here (just click on "View Post"):

    All we can do now is to wait for a fix from the dev team.


  • Update:

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the bitdefender mobile app on my device from the google play store and now I have an older version running on it: version This version doesn't have the app anomaly detection issue when I boot my device, app anomaly detection stays on, I do get a message in the main widow of the bitdefender mobile app to turn on app anomaly detection even when it is on but it disappears when I go to a different tab and then go back to the main screen.

    I guess bitdefender support downgraded the version you can install through the google play store as this is the version from January 4 and the one with the app anomaly detection issue is from January 8.

  • Hi @Petersl,

    Yes, that's exactly what happened, as per my comment on the other thread 🙂


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  • Gjoksi

    Hello again.

    My specs:

    Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

    Android 13

    One UI Core 5.1

    Google Play System Update November 1, 2023

    Android Security Patch Level October 1, 2023

    I just got the latest version of BD Mobile Security

    It seems that the issue with App Anomaly Detection has been fixed with the latest version.

    After the phone restart, the feature stays turned on.


  • Hi,

    Just following up here.

    The new app version brings some fixes in the backend for App Anomaly Detection, but there are still some integration aspects that are being revised, in order to prevent this from happening again in the future, so technically this is not a a complete fix, another update will soon follow. For now, that toggle should stay on.

    To sum it up, the problematic version has been stopped from propagating and the quick fix was applied successfully. Some users may still have the old version available in store, which is still good and does not have the issue with the toggle that turns itself off. We're expecting a permanent fix to be deployed soon.

    Thank you @Gjoksi for sharing your input.


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  • Hello,

    Quick update here: the issue was fixed in the latest BMS version



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