Bitdefender 2009 Possibly Messing With My Yahoo Messenger?

Hello all,

A few days ago I bought and installed bitdefender 2009 internet security package. After installing it, weird thing has been happening with my yahoo messenger. It seems it is randomly blocking messages from different people. I can see people typing but never get the message...almost like they start typing and stop and don't send the message. But they are in fact sending me a message which does not get to me...other people have no problem. This only started happening after I installed the 2009 version of bitdefender(I had 2008 version before which expired, and which has been uninstalled before installing the 2009 ver.)

I turned off the firewall and realtime protection temporary and still had the same problem. I also added the yahoo messenger program to the "safe zone/white list" and that changed nothing. I also tried reinstalling the yahoo messenger and even trying 3 different versions of it and nothing seems to work.

One thing I haven't tried yet is completely uninstalling the bitdefender. Anything else I can try before uninstalling bitdefender?

I really doubt it's my computer since I had no problems prior to installing the 2009 bitdefender.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.