Trojan Vundo Found

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im always trying free scanners as a small bit of extra security, so i ran malwarebytes anti malware and it found 2 files which it says are trojan vundo vtUnlMdE.dll and ljJYOhEu.dll, i have submitted them for analysis, does anyone think it is a false positve and when do you find out thresults as i have submitted files before but heard nothing



  • You can press Remove selected :)

  • ok im using Bitdefender Free edition and it has come up with c:\windows\system32\dccDwwus.dll Infected MemScan Trojan Vundo.ENF ...... Disinfection FAILED and move FAILED, i have Malwarebytes Anti-malware, XoftSpySE and SmitfraudFix, NON of these can remove this Vundo.ENF, is there any kind of fix i can use to kill it?

  • It is unlikely that malwarebytes would fail to remove it.

    I must say the you won't need xoftspy. It was actually considered a rouge at first. It reports super high amounts of false positives and tells you that your system is infected when its not. Its absolutely pure marketing. You can go to google and look up xoftspySE and you will get nothing but bad reviews.