Bitdefender Update Service Is Unavailable!


I read a few posts about the problem and tried them. I tried repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling. Still was getting the above problem. During installation the update ran once, but after the restart the update window was greyed out.

After searching and comapring with a working version i found that the files in "Program Files>Common Files>BitDefender>BitDefender Update Service" were getting changed as part of the first updation during installation.

(This installation was an upgrade form v8 to v9)

I checked the other system where the BitDefender is running fine and there are no changes in the files of "Program Files>Common Files>BitDefender>BitDefender Update Service" they are same as when installed and the update service is working just fine in it.

(This was a clean Install no prior version of BitDefender was on it.)

Maybe this helps in understanding the problem and sorting it out.


  • koshyvarghese2003
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    <img class=" /> All has the same problem but Bit defender is not solving the problem.

    I tried to install weekly up date but it also failed <img class=" />

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4691" data-fileid="4691" rel="">Weekly_up_date_screen_shot.doc

  • Did you use the uninstall from windows? If so, download the Bitdefender uninstall tool from and use that. Then reinstall. That worked for me. This program seem to remove all the bits and pieces that cause problems.


  • Sm3K3R
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    Please use the ADD/Remove BD Uninstall option called Repair .

    This will automatically Unistall BD ,run the Unisntall Tool (its included somewhere in the initial kit) restart the computer and reinstall BD for you.All you need to do after the restarts is to wait for autoupdate or to manually update it by yourself. <img class=" />

    Usually a reinstall fixes the issues .

  • I tried windows uninstaller, BD uninstaller, even used a few registry cleaners and stuff to remove traces but in the end its the same result on installation.

    Also i cant get livesrv to start.

    Also trying to run upgrepl.exe gives me an error.

    so still awaiting for solution.