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"many" Samples Important Read:


all these (at least) 15 samples has a familiar Variant -packers out there but i FINALLY could find just one 1 Variant of 10,000 of them and that's why it is very very important for these 15 to be detected with Strong Heuristic not even Generic will help with these Packers:Variant files.

It's many antivirus-fake and some Zlob and other's,

I hope the Lab of Bitdefender now finaly know's that ADDING them to signature is just NOT WORTH IT, it's Usuless..

here are all the samples:

I do have many more but i dont subimit as i used to when i subimited everyday :), but i do have alot of more Undetected,

/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4679" data-fileid="4679" rel="">hm.avir.rar