Updating Error

I installed Windows 7 on my machine a few weeks back and proceeded to install BitDefender 2008. I have experienced no issues with any other program, except BitDefender. When I attempt to download an update, I receive the following error:

Could not connect to the update server.

Please check your Internet connection and try again.

This error pops up almost instantly. I have deactivated Windows Firewall, but that has not helped with the problem. I have also changed the update server from http://upgrade.bitdefender.com to http://upgrade1.bitdefender.com, but that too does not fix the problem. I do not want to upgrade to BitDefender 2009, as I experienced massive problems with it in the past.

This is extremely frustrating as I have paid for a product that is now weeks out of date, leaving my system at risk. Any ideas as to what could be the issue?


  • http://upgrade.bitdefender.com should always remain as the sole update location.

    The culprit here, seems to be Windows 7 which appeared after our latest version was released (so way after 2008). We will come up with more information about Windows 7 support soon.

  • Dear Lydon,

    You can try this: press the windows button together with r now type this: cmd press enter, after that type

    ipconfig /flushdns press enter,reboot your pc and try again. But the culprit might indeed be windows 7 because it's still not released yet.

    Kind ragards,


  • Unfortunately that didn't work. I'll just have to switch over to another antivirus until Windows 7 is supported I guess.

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