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Bdselfpr Failed To Start



I have an error on start up (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Even Viewer) as

The BDSelfPr service failed to start due to the following error:

The system cannot find the file specified.

How could I remove this error from start up?

This occurs on XP 64.




  • Hi, hemanth. I get the same problem.

    I am running Win XP x64 as well.

    BitDefender has the best antinastyware out there.

    They should fix this.

    I get blue screens and system slowdowns.

    Not Good.

  • Davo

    BitDefender has the best antinastyware out there.

    wow it has :P ?

    in which antispyware test did you find this information?

    which AV-expert said this?

  • On 64 bits operating system the BitDefender Self Protect driver called BDSelfPr.sys is not used because a different self protect feature is applied, so the functionality of the product is not affected. In order to resolve this error please boot the system in Safe Mode and go to Start - Run - regedit [OK]

    Then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services and locate BDSelfPr - select it and on the right you will have a key called "Start" - right click, select Modify and set the value to 4.

    Now boot in normal mode and check if the error message reappears.

  • hnyaji
    edited April 2009


    can't edit this value!

    An error is returned as Cannot Edit Start: Error writing the value's new contents.

    Before giving any suggestion to alter the registry, please try them yourself, and make sure they work!


  • @hemanth

    Did you try editing the key in Safe Mode using an administrator account?