Experience, Ineffective In Bitdefender Internet Security 2009

Hello everyone

I hope to correct this imbalance,

which I photographed

as the proxy in browser is weakening and security feature

A weak point in the presence of BitDefender 2009 proxy


As these words: --

BitDefender 2009

This web page has been blocked by BitDefender Antivirus Real-time Protection!

The blocked web page included objects that were either infected or likely to be infected with a virus. Your system has NOT been infected

Should be replaced in this manner with the ultimate ban of the site :-




  • and

    Why detected BitDefender Internet Security 2009 within the malignant Archive file but can not be deleted?

  • alexcrist
    edited April 2009

    Hello Mr. 00,

    The answer is very simple: HTTP scanner works on the HTTP port and protocol. It cannot monitor/filter anything else than the standard HTTP port, which is port 80.

    By changing the proxy settings, to a proxy server which uses another port (in your example, 8080), then the HTTP scanner cannot filter that traffic.

    Why this happens? Because HTTP protocol has a standard form and it can be monitored and filtered. When you change the used port, the protocol changes, therefore making it impossible to be filtered.

    However, when using a proxy server, that proxy server should already have antivirus protection installed. Contact the server administrator for this.

    In any event, you can see that BitDefender reacts immediately when it detects the threat in the browser's cache, so even if the threat passes the HTTP scanner, it can still be detected by the other layers of protection (realtime malware engine, behavioral scanner, intrusion detection system, etc...)

    About the question in the second post, I didn't understand it very well. But I assume it's related to the archive that you try to download in the first post, right? :)

    Well, BitDefender can unpack many archived/packed formats, so archived threats can be detected. However, BitDefender has limited capabilities of cleaning up archived files (ZIP files, for instance, can be cleaned, but RAR files cannot).

    This happens because most of the archiving/packing systems are proprietary formats. To clean an archive, you basically need to unpack all files (which BitDefender can do), and create a new archive containing only the clean files... which BitDefender can't do.

    Because most archiving formats are proprietary formats, it means that the packing algorithm cannot be used without license from the author of the algorithm.

    ZIP format is a free format, and everyone knows it and can use it to create (un)packers. But RAR format (for instance), is a closed format, owned by RarLabs (if I'm not mistaking). So for BitDefender to repack files in the RAR format would be basically illegal, not to mention somehow dangerous for the files, because BitDefender doesn't know the exact paking methond. The same thing applies for the rest of the packing formats. :)