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What Happened To Switch To Advanced Mode?

Hi - I've just tried BitDefender 2010 Total security. It installed well, and seems to be working fine.

However, it appears the button to switch to the advanced mode has been taken away. I like the fact that you can now choose basic, intermediate or advanced. I fall as both intermediate and advanced.

The problem for me is that in advanced mode, because of all the advanced settings, the layout isn't anywhere near as simple, easy to use and also easy to indentify issues. With 2009, you could use the basic layout and just switch to the advanced when you needed to, which I found was handy.

Is there any chance this feature could return?


  • Hi!

    Have you tried repairing BD?


    Richard Jackson

  • I have instaled BitDefender on another computer with the same issue.

    Due to this I do not beleive this is an issue but is an actual feature removed - screenshots back this up.

  • Hello peteyt,

    The Advanced View button was replaced with the Settings button where you can choose how you can display your BitDefender program. You have 3 choices : Novice Mode, Intermediate Mode and Expert Mode . If you choose Expert Mode, then click on Ok, you will find the same BitDefender structure, with some minor modifications, that you used to have under the 2009 product in Advanced View .

    Here, in case you want to see what issues needs your attention, simply click on the "Configure Status Tracking" under the General module . If all the modules are monitored, in case something happens, in the same location you will see the "Fix All Issues" button that will help you determine and solve the sittuation that asks your attention .

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to post here your reply .

    Thank you .

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I understand the new 3 user types and how they work the problem is the advanced button still would be extremley handy.

    For example - Many of the features in advanced mode aren't in intermediate mode. What I liked about BitDefender Total Security 2009, is I could easily switch between the two modes at the click of a button, saving me a lot of time.

  • richard_jackson
    edited August 2009

    Hi peteyt

    Thats what alex is trying to say expert is the advanced view....


    Richard Jackson

  • I know that - What I mean is a button to switch to the expert mode without going into the settings like in 2009 would be handy