Windows 7 Homegroup With Bitdefender 2010

I've been trying to set up HomeGroup in Windows 7 between my desktop and laptop. Both are Windows 7, one 32bit and one 64 bit, both running Bitdefender Internet Security. If I disable the firewall I can get the desktop to see the files on the laptop. With the firewall on they don't see each other at all. I'm not an expert at firewalls, but if I had some instructions I should be able to get it working. I'm guessing Bitdefender isn't Windows 7 friendly, because Microsoft said is should work with most firewalls. Thanks.


  • Try to set the trust level for the adapter which connects your desktop and laptop to 'Safe' or 'Trusted Local' and set Stealth Mode to 'Remote'

  • Thanks for the reply, I also received advice from Support and I changed the Trust Level to Trusted Local, the Stealth mode to Off, and Generic to Yes on both computers, now it works. Thanks.


  • I followed this advice and my homegroup is now working as well. My question is what does turning stealth mode off do?

  • Hello KentMcP,

    We are glad that your issue has been solved.

    Regarding your question, in simple terms, when you are connected to the Internet and your computer can be not be detected by other users, you are in what is called Stealth mode. When you are in Stealth mode the firewall does not send this information back making it seem like you are not even connected.

    Thank you.