[solved] Warning 1 Issue Affecting The Security Statis Of This Pc

The issue is BD hasn't updated anything in 2 days (25th). It looks for an update but then closes out. When I try to update manually the update manager searches for an update then closes without dling anything. I would normally assume there is not an update, but why would my BD control panel tell me there is a issue?


  • Hello Krocano,

    Please try the steps bellow :

    1. Open BitDefender in Expert Mode.

    2. Go to the "Firewall" module and temporarily disable it .

    3. Try to update BitDefender and look if is working .

    If everything is working properly with the Firewall disabled, please open BitDefender in Expert Mode, select the Firewall module then click on the Rules tab. After that, click on the Advanced button from the lower right side of the window and look in the list of process after the process called "livesrv.exe" . Select it, then click on the remove button represented by the minus (-) sign from the top of the window . Now, reboot your computer then try to update BitDefender. If you have same issue, open the BitDefender Rules page one more time and click on the "Reset Rules" button. Reboot your system after that, then try to update BitDefender. Let us know what happened .

    If none of these steps worked for you, please send us the following information's through the email:

    "sysdump.tar", "bdfileinfo.log" and "bdregnode.reg";

    - you may obtain them by following the steps described in the KB article at the address below:


    Thank you.

  • This worked thank you.


  • Hello Krocano,

    We are glad to hear that this sittuation have been fixed. Thank you for sharing your feedback .

    Thank you.

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