Windows 7 Homegroup Problem

Running 3 computers - 1 Desktop and 2 laptops. Use Desktop as main network hard drive.

I can not ue the Windows 7 Homegroup function with the Bitdefender Firewall active. Please give instructions on how I can access the homegroup on my network while using the Bitdefender Firewall.


  • Yeah I have the same problem. Gonna look into it because I reckon it's a rule that needs to be added/changed/deleted. Also cannot see other PCs on bitdefender's 'home network'. Can however get media player access.

    Using one laptop and one desktop, both on Windows 7 x64.

  • maybe this can help?

    I'm new to this software, can anyone help out?

    For example how do you add "UDP 5355, UDP 138, UDP 137, UDP 3702, UDP 1900, TCP 2869, TCP 5357, TCP 5358, UDP 3702" as an allowed rule locally?

  • cberneanu
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    Please try to set your internal adapters to Trusted Local and set Stealth Mode to remote on all systems in your home network and see if it works.